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The ProclaimersWhen I was in grad school, I lived with this crazy English brother and sister Straford and Andrea Wild. (This is a different person from American Andrea English who writes Curiously Clever.) Now they are respectable with jobs and spouses, but as I recall, their last name was a good description of them. And they were a band: Both Wild. But it’s hard to say more because I was drunk most of that time.

One thing I do remember is that they introduced me to a lot of music from over in Once Merry Ol’ England and environs. And one of the songs (that it turns out was a huge hit anyway) was The Proclaimers’ I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles). Normally, I like this song. It is particularly good for making up new lyrics: “When I get drunk / Well you know I’m gonna be / I’m gonna be the man who’s passing out with you.”

But for the past two days, I have had this little ditty stuck in my head. And so for that I will “proclaim” that the Wilds can take all their kingdom’s music and sod off. Barring that, perhaps I can get the song stuck in their heads. Or yours:

La la la la! La la la la!

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