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Tom Friedman - Artist's ConceptionThomas Friedman has written another column calling for a Sensible Centrist who will tell America the truth. He notes that if we don’t shape up, “We could go the way of Greece or Japan.” This is an odd pairing. He means to say that our economy could go all haywire. The problem is that while the Greece economy is very bad (25% unemployment), Japan’s is rather good (4% unemployment).

The always brilliant and occasionally hilarious Dean Baker notes, “That was really neat, go the way of Greece or Japan? That’s kind of like going the way of Bernie Madoff or Warren Buffet.”

What a fun game! Now we can all help out Thomas Friedman with useful examples for his column. It’s fun! It’s easy! Here are a couple off the top of my head:

  • We could go the way of Jeffrey Dahmer or Mother Teresa.
  • We could go the way of grizzly bears or kittens.
  • We could go the way of Vic-20 or Mac.
  • We could go the way of Yugo or Lamborghini.
  • We could go the way of poison or food.

Try this game at home. Thomas Friedman can use all the help we can provide.

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