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Dean BakerDean Baker provides us with an excellent joke to start the day. It made me laugh more than The Daily Show (which was quite funny last night) and The Colbert Report (which wasn’t that good).

I love economics humor. There ought to be more of this. Economist jokes are easy to create.

Question: How many economists does it take to fuck the economy?

Answer: Alan Greenspan

This is from Baker’s article The wrecking society: Economics today, which is in the very good Al Jazeera English:

There is an old story from the heyday of the Soviet Union. As part of their May Day celebrations they were parading their latest weapon systems down the street in front of the Kremlin. There was a long column of their newest tanks, followed by a row of tractors pulling missiles. Behind these weapons were four pick-up trucks carrying older men in business suits waving to the crowds.

Seeing this display, the Communist party boss turned to his defense secretary. He praised the tanks and missiles and then said that he didn’t understand the men in business suits. The defense secretary explained that these men were economists, and “their destructive capacity is incredible.”

Update (16 October 2012 8:57)

Everyone seems to think that this joke is a groaner. Well check out this site about the Romney-Ryan tax plan. Note that if you try really hard, you can get the details.

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