Anyone Missing an Eye?

While walking along Pompano Beach this week, Gino Covacci saw something “protruding from the sand.”

He picked it up, cleaned it off, turned it around and realized he was staring into a giant eyeball. Excited about his find, Covacci flagged down a police officer and eventually got in touch with researchers based across the Sunshine State.

Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is now in possession of the body part. As of late Friday experts still hadn’t been able to identify it, but “the front runner is some type of large fish.” Covacci disagrees: “It’s a squid…prove me wrong!”

I’m not interested in knowing which type of sea dwelling behemoth is now partially blind. I know for a fact that it belongs to one of the many species of enormous and terrifying creatures that lurk in the fathomless dark ocean. I am more curious about Gino Covacci. Does he often pick up and inspect large squishy objects that he finds partially buried in the sand? And if so, why? I myself am inclined to avoid slimy, globulous bits — bits of any size — that have been puked from the sea onto the beach. Obviously, Gino is not a squeamish man.

While there may be a one-eyed monster bumping into things off the coast of Florida, it isn’t the only one suffering.

The only thing is, I had to give it up,” he said Friday of the eyeball.
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