The Cheech-and-Chong Machine

Jeremy ScahillWe have allowed the powerful, the rich, the Democratic and Republican Cheech-and-Chong machine… to define the political context through which we view the world… We need to remove 9/11 from our memories for a moment, and look at a perfect trajectory of mass slaughter in Iraq that extends back many decades, and extends to both the Democratic and Republican regimes that have ruled this country. —Jeremy Scahill, Socialist Worker, 2007

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0 thoughts on “The Cheech-and-Chong Machine

  1. That was a great article you quoted from. Thanks for posting.

    By the way, have you read Scahill’s book about Blackwater?

  2. @Mack – I have. The shocking thing is that I haven’t written about it here. A lot of books slip through the cracks–usually because I have too much to say about them. Maybe I’ll look at the book again.

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