Voter Suppression New Mexico

Let People VoteIt is hard to get excited about voter suppression efforts. After all, it is much the same as screaming, “Republicans exist!” But here is another example, and frankly, I am shocked at how endless the endeavor is. I know: the Republicans don’t have a real popular base. They explicitly do the bidding of the 1% (and even more: the 0.01%) and get roughly half the country to vote for them on issues like abortion and gay marriage—issues they do little about other than the stock the courts (which may be enough).

This particular voter suppression effort is of the Republican “Poll Challenger Training.” You will get a taste of it in the video below which was recorder undercover by ProgressNow New Mexico. But it is deeper than this. As the article discusses, this isn’t just a case of a volunteer being over-zealous or under informed. The disinformation comes from the Republican pamphlet.

At my core, I believe people do what they think is right. I’m sure that Pat Morlen really believes that voter fraud is a big problem. She probably watches Fox News where one can be forgiven from thinking that the only reason Obama is President is because ACORN stole the election. But you would think that the party organ would at least get the facts right in their publications. This is what comes from allowing the crazies on the inside: eventually, crazy seems sane.

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