Schwarzenegger Spouting BS

Arnold SchwarzeneggerThe last two years have been really great in California for political junkies. There has been a stark contrast between the governorships of Jerry Brown and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m not completely happy with Brown, but he has done a great job as governor under the worst of circumstances. Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, showed himself to be completely out of his depth during his 4 years in office.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, Arnold Schwarzenegger is everywhere these days, promoting his new book. Mostly, I don’t care. The seedy side of his life comes as no surprise—this is what you get from hyper-testosteroned assholes. But on The Daily Show last night, he spoke at length about politics and it really made me sick. Shouldn’t he be alone in a hotel room with some groupie rather than spouting his ignorance about America’s problems?

He claims that he is a fiscal conservative, but then babbles out the same old tired canards. The Chinese hold our debt? Wrong! We have an unsustainable debt? Wrong again! But perhaps the worst thing about the interview was how he twisted himself in knots rather than admit that the Republicans are not the party of fiscal conservatism.

Of course, the Republican Party is the perfect place for Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is perfect at giving those reasonable sounding, vague platitudes about belt-tightening and living within our means. And when he was a governor, he was terrible at actually doing the job. And that pretty much defines a Republican.

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  1. Some men may suffer from Chickification. Rush, however, suffers from an acute case of Dickification. Not to worry. Somewhere there’s an aneurysm with his name on it.

  2. @Andrea – I keep hoping for these guys to die. Scalia and Thomas especially. But modern medicine is so good (when you have insurance which they do), that it almost seems hopeless.

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