Liberal Talks to Conservative

This is nice to see: a liberal talk show host—Sam Seder—talking to a conservative caller. A couple of things I noticed. First, Seder is much nicer to the caller than conservative hosts are to the few liberal callers who make it past their screeners. Second, I love this entitled caller. He makes a quarter million dollars a year, but the idea that he would be taxed is tyranny; tyranny I tell you! People like this never understand how lucky they are. Plus, the guy doesn’t sound that smart. Which is as typical of the rich as the poor. And that just proves the point.

Update (23 November 2012 11:34 am)

The caller claims that taxes going to the Iraq War are just paying for national security. This is typical of conservatives to see national security as solely a matter of wars. The truth is that income inequality is a major national security issue. If large parts of the society are not able to get by, they will revolt, which is a much more serious security threat than Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. The main thing is that the caller is just an asshole. His statement about how hard he’s worked is laughable. If you are making that kind of money, you probably spend your time behind a desk. Waiters and janitors work a whole lot harder for a fraction of the pay.

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