Karateci Kiz as Art

Karateci KizYou’ve probably heard about Karateci Kiz (“Karate Girl”). Cyriaque Lamar at io9 claimed, this is the worst death scene ever committed to film. This claim is as silly as said death scene. But the internet loves this kind of thing; everything is the worst or best. But okay. It is certainly quite an interesting bit of film making.

Geek Tyrant notes that the video that has been making the rounds on the internet has been altered. During the death scene, a male scream is heard throughout. It takes what is already a silly scene and makes it ridiculous.

The story is that a bunch of bad guys killed the husband of our hero (Karate Girl), and she is going to take revenge. So it’s part of the great tradition of revenge theater—things like Titus Andronicus and The Duchess of Malfi. But while these plays are unbelievable in their details, Karateci Kiz is just unbelievable:

The death scene here is not bad. In fact, I would argue that it is brilliant. No compromise is made to continuity. I can’t imagine that this is an accident. What’s more, the bloody hand-prints on the wall is great.

I would think that people would understand the film makers’ intent. But I’ve seen this before. International Secret Police: Key of Keys—the film that Woody Allen’s What’s Up, Tiger Lily? is based on—is a comedy. Secret Agent Super Dragon is a comedy.[1] I don’t know if Karateci Kiz is a comedy, but it is something other than a typical action film. And from what I’ve seen, it is better than the mega-hit The Expendables 2 (AKA “The Old Action Heroes’ Retirement Fund”).


I’m sure to get ridiculed by Andrea about this, but doesn’t the guy who dies look a lot like Rowan Atkinson?

<%image(20120930-rowanatkinson.jpg|393|497|Rowan Atkinson)%>

[1] Secret Agent Super Dragon was notably spoofed by MST3K. Here is my favorite scene. “It ain’t supposed to be commercial, man; it’s jazz!”

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2 thoughts on “Karateci Kiz as Art

  1. You’re right – he doesn’t. He looks more like a cross between Orlando Bloom and the guy who played Travis Jr. on Reno911. Only weirder. I think it may have been the blond helmet wig, the terrible dubbing, the awful sound quality and the open porn mags that threw you off.

  2. I didn’t finish watching before typing. For one brief moment, when he is looking up from the bed surprised, there is a resemblance around the eyes. If he hadn’t died in slow motion I might not have noticed his left hand. poised to break open the packet of blood. No hole in his shirt, but that stain was very realistic. The blond hippie guy looks like a cross between Graham Chapman and Martin Mull.

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