Let Karen Finney Speak!

Karen FinneyAs regular readers know, I indulge my crushes on minor celebrities, academics, and grammarians. But no one knows about my most recent crush: Karen Finney. She was Director of Communications at the Democratic National Committee under Howard Dean. But I know her as a pundit on The Last Word.

As you can see in the picture, Finney is a beautiful woman. But you know me, I’m not easily impressed by a pretty face. The truth is that I find her analysis enlightening. I’m surprised that she isn’t a bigger deal—especially considering what a knock out she is. But what do I know? (Actually, I have a theory: I think the TV machine prefers androgynous women, and Finney is womanly in a Marilyn Monroe way; the TV machine wants girls, not women. More evidence of our cultural decline.)

During her segments on the last two episodes of The Last Word, Karen Finney has been allowed to talk only one time during each. Check out this last segment; her look at the end is priceless:

Lawrence O’Donnell: let this brilliant woman speak!

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