Obama’s Plan on 60 Minutes

60 MinutesThis is an update on my article about 60 Minutes. In it, I talked almost exclusively about Romney. There was part of the Obama interview that made me cringe. It wasn’t that I didn’t know it already, but I hate to hear it.

Despite the hysterical conservative claims that he is a socialist, President Obama is a New Democrat. That means: a Democrat who doesn’t care that much about poor people. Don’t get me wrong, Romney would be oh so much worse. But as Dante showed us, not all levels of hell are equally bad. America now has two political parties that are dedicated to the interests of the economic elite. The primary difference between them is that one is also fascistic on social issues and the other is slightly less fascistic on economic issues.

Obama has made it very clear that he would like to “reform” entitlements. This is a nice “inside the Beltway” manner of saying, “Screw the poor and middle class.” This was well on display during Sunday’s interview on 60 Minutes. Steve Kroft asked, “How are you going to get [the Republicans] to change their minds and make this deal?” President Obama replied:

I—I won’t get them to make them change their minds. The American people will. I mean, ultimately, the American people agree with me that the only way we bring down our deficit is to do it in a balanced way. So, keep in mind, I’ve agreed with the Republicans. And we’ve already cut a trillion dollars of spending. And I’ve told them I’m prepared to do additional spending cuts and do some entitlement reform. But what I’ve said is, “You can’t ask me to make student loans higher for kids who need it or ask seniors to pay more for their Medicare or throw people off of health care and not ask somebody like me or Mr. Romney to do anything, not ask us to do a single dime’s worth of sacrifice.”

This is a really vile statement. He says that he is willing to make students pay more for school, the elderly to pay more for healthcare, and the poor to lose healthcare altogether (?) but he at least wants a tiny tax increase on the rich.

Let’s be clear: the poor and middle class have paid enough! The last 35 years have seen a huge redistribution from the poor and middle classes to the rich. It is not time for shared sacrifices. The 90% in this country have shouldered too much of the burden these last several decades. First, we get the rich to start paying for a proper share of the government. (Enforcing labor laws might help too.) Then, maybe we’ll see real incomes of the lower classes increase. Finally, we can talk about “shared sacrifice.”

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  1. Obama’s a conservative Dem and a corporatist. Anyone who thinks he’s liberal makes me laugh.

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