Romney Didn’t Ask Teacher a Question

No QuestionsI caught this via Crooks & Liars. The video contains a lot of information, mostly documentation that Romney has the standard Republican ideas about education: public schools baaad, private schools goood; teacher’s unions baaad, vouchers goood. These are the same ideas they had 30 years ago. If the media were as balanced as they claim to be, they wouldn’t even pay attention to this conservative non-thinking. But since the media are in fact highly conservative when it comes to so called education reform, they continue to accept the idea that charter schools are going to save us.

The payoff line comes at the 45 second mark. “At one point, I said to him, ‘I have an answer for that.’ And he said, ‘I didn’t ask you a question.'” There are a lot of ways that this is bad: obviously, it is just plain rude. But what I think is most important about it is that Romney doesn’t seem to notice. This is not just an example of the entitled rich guy who is never challenged. This is also the CEO mentality. If you question him, you’d better be a VP of Something Important. A mere teacher should know not to challenge him. He does not need teaching; he is the teacher.

It’s remarkable:

Update (24 September 2012 8:44 pm)

Regarding my response to MadKane, this is too much like Mitt Romney:

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