A Tale of Two HQs

XXXXXXLast weekend, I was walking around the Santa Rosa downtown, on my way to Treehorn Books to see if they had any new copies of Don Quixote that I don’t already have. This is a fools errand, because I think I already have every English translation of the book except for three minor quasi-translations from the early 19th century. But I still look. It makes me happy. (Plus, they have the first edition of the Putnam translation in a single volume. I keep not buying it because I already have several Putnam translations including the absolute first edition in two volumes. But it calls to me.)

So I’m on my way to the bookstore, and I see a bunch of Romney posters in a shop that has long been vacant. It had the “For Lease” sign clearly displayed above the door. This made me kind of mad: the owner (Or Realtor!) is such a partisan that he doesn’t care that these signs will turn off prospective tenants. Boy, was I wrong!

<%image(20120919-republicanhqa.jpg|450|360|Sonoma Country Republican Headquarters)%>

I look in the window and there were tables and chairs. There was even a Romney standee. That’s when I noticed the little sign in the window, “Sonoma County Republican Party.” At last, I’d found the seat of conservative power in Santa Rosa! The last time I saw them was a year ago at the Sonoma County Fair. They really annoyed me with their “No RINOs” sign. I thought, “How can a major party actively push the idea that they are a “little tent”? It annoyed me so much that I took them up on their bumper sticker design contest.

The “For Lease” sign was just perfect. I’m well aware that some Democratic politicians can be rented, but if you want to lease, you have to go Republican. What’s more, in front of the building (just outside of the frame because I was scared) was a crazy man ranting about some unseen force that was oppressing him. And that too struck me as perfect! Invisible President. Elders of Zion. The folks who fluoridate the water. Romney-Ryan 2012!

Only a couple of blocks away is the Obama Headquarters. The photo below gives you a good idea of the difference. For one thing, the Democrats were open! And their space looks permanent. If you go inside, there are offices. People are coming and going. There are actual Democrats out registering voters and going door to door. I haven’t seen a single Republican, and I should have because I spend a good part of the day walking around doing my shopping.

<%image(20120919-democratichqa.jpg|450|360|Sonoma Country Democratic Headquarters)%>

Yes, I am a partisan. But not a happy one. In fact, until the Democratic National Convention, I was going to change my registration to Peace & Freedom. So I’m pleased that my local organization is one I can be proud of. The fact that the local Republicans can be mocked is just icing.

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