More Than a Little Liberal

Christian Science MonitorI was over at the Christian Science Monitor, and I got tricked into taking their Are you more (or less) conservative than Mitt Romney quiz. My result was: “You’re more than a little liberal. You’re a lefty! You might even be more liberal than President Obama. You won’t be voting for Romney come November.”

Ya think? Even more liberal than President Obama? More liberal than that corporate lackey? Let’s hope!

More interesting were the questions, which I found highly biased. Here is question number 11, with the choices:

Most Americans say decreasing US dependence on foreign oil is important. What do you think is the best plan for doing that?

  • Fossil fuels and CO2 emissions should be banned from America. Everyone should use public transportation or ride their bikes.
  • We need to work to make renewable energy and green technology economically feasible. Meanwhile, we should cautiously drill for domestic energy reserves.
  • Green technologies are too expensive. We should make permitting simpler for the energy industry, and make sure they’re not overregulated. We should also invest in nuclear power. We should worry less about decreasing CO2 outputs; that’s harmful to business.
  • Drill, baby, drill! Forget green technology. We should be exploiting domestic resources of oil and natural as as quickly as possible, whatever the cost. We can worry about the environment later.
  • What’s the big deal about energy independence? The US imports a lot of products from volatile nations. Should America also decrease its dependence on diamonds from Africa, or computer parts made in China?

So let’s see, the choices are: I’m hopelessly naive; I’m reasonable and yet I think we should drill; drill and nuke; drill; and let someone else drill.

I picked the second choice, because the first is just silly. CO2 emissions come from a lot more things than gas for cars. This choice shows how lowly the CSM thinks of environmentalists. All of the questions had similar problems. I’ve never thought of the CSM as being conservative but apparently it is. Or at least the designers of this test were.

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  1. Highly biased indeed. None of those answers are what I think is the best plan for decreasing dependance on foreign oil. In fact, it isn’t just *foreign* oil I think we should be decreasing our dependance on, but fossil fuels in general.

  2. @Mack – Absolutely! If we are talking about octane, we simply don’t have the reserves for it to matter anyway. That’s what the public doesn’t seem to understand. Oil companies want to open up our national parks for drilling because it means BIG money to them. But it means NOTHING in terms of supplying energy to our country.

    I also find it frustrating that the same people who think that green energy is too expensive are the same people who don’t want to support R&D for it. Think they might have ulterior motives?

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