Getty Center

Girl Shading Her Eyes - Frantisek KupkaI spent the whole of yesterday at the Getty Center. Truly, I was none too keen on it, given my general opinion of J. Paul Getty—one of the great third basers who we are all supposed to bow down to. The fact that he was a miser doesn’t help matters. He loaned his son money to pay for the kidnap ransom of his grandson. But he is perhaps best known for providing a payphone for his house guests to use. But the great thing about misers is that they die—leaving their money to go to cool things like, well, the Getty Center.

The museum has a limited collection in some ways. It is heavy on neoclassical art. And it was very limit on modern and medieval (and older) works. Nonetheless, it had some exquisite pieces. For example, the image on the left is Frantisek Kupka’s pastel drawing Girl Shading Her Eyes. It was one of many pieces that I was not allowed to photograph. They are tyrants. But I was able to take photos and video of a number of other things that I will post later. In particular, they have the best single Impressionist exhibit that I’ve seen—20+ paintings.

They also had a very moving collection of illuminated manuscripts from roughly 1200 to 1500. Next to it was a collection of stained glass from the same period. I am rarely as moved by anything as I am religious art from this time. I find this very strange, because most modern religious art (western anyway) leaves me cold.

When I get back home, I plan to cut together a video with all the stuff I saw, along with my observations—for what they’re worth. One thing worth mentioning right now is that Renoir painted very much like Pissarro in their early years, but they went in very different directions. Anyway, that’s all for now.

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