California Beats New Jersey

This via Crooks & Liars. Governor Brown challenges New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to a three mile race:

I think there may also be a jab at Paul Ryan who recently claimed to have run a 3 hour marathon. For those of you that don’t know, that would be a really fast marathon. In fact, 100 years ago, that was the world record. Today, we are pushing the two hour marathon. Regardless, if I committed the rest of my life to marathon running, I would never be able to run a 3 hour marathon. However, Ryan has run a marathon in something over 4 hours which is still really impressive. Why did he feel he had to exaggerate? Does he have delusions of John Galt?

Regardless: California is better than New Jersey, because our governor can run faster. Also, our governor isn’t a self-serving fucktard who gets his jollies from yelling at people with little power.

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