The Man With No Clue

This was him tonight:

And this was him less than a year ago:

People think death is something sudden, but one doesn’t die of old age that way. It takes decades as you notice your entire being fade away. I’m only 48 and I already feel it happening. It is sad to see this happening to Clint Eastwood. The truth is, he’s more of a libertarian. If his brain were sharper, he would realize that the Republican Party is no longer the party of Dwight Eisenhower. Eastwood is pro-choice and for gay rights—things the Republican Party is firmly against. But even the economic stuff that Eastwood agrees with the Republican Party on is only propaganda. The party is not actually in favor of individual rights. I don’t think that a younger Eastwood would be a Democrat, but he certainly wouldn’t allow himself to be used by the evil “power for power’s sake” Republican Party.

Sadly, Clint Eastwood earned the moniker above. I will from now on think of him as The Man With No Clue.

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