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Mad KaneVia Crooks & Liars, I discovered Mad Kane’s Blog. Actually, she has a few—I linked to her humor blog. I haven’t spent much time with the blog, but it seems to circle around Madeleine Begun Kane’s love of limericks.

The limerick is an interesting art form. If you throw out all those that use the word “Nantucket,” they are pretty sweet.

Here is one of Kane’s called Dear Conductor:

Dear conductor, you think you’re elite,
But in substance, you’re always off beat.
You pressure musicians
With harsh admonitions.
To follow your stick’s no mean feat.

But I discovered Mad Kane via her political writing. She wrote a limerick about Romney’s continued use of the discredited claim that Obama has ended the work requirement for welfare (which would be a good idea; perhaps I’ll discuss it later):

For Romney, the truth holds no sway,
As his lies mount up day after day.
Welfare, health care and tax—
With the facts he is lax,
Treating voters like ignorant prey.

It is hard after you start reading these not to write them. This may have something to do with the reason I’ve written over 200 songs that you don’t ever want to hear. I like real poetry, of course. But this stuff if such fun. I commented with one limerick, but I later wrote the following that I think is better:

Everyone thinks it’s a pity
To disregard voters in cities
They vote Democrat
And we can’t have that
How else can we all elect Mittie?!

Anyway, there is good fun over there at Mad Kane. In fact, she has a weekly limerick contest if you would like to get involved. The stuff I read was really good. And it isn’t the kind of stuff you have to read many times to understand. So there’s that.

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