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Chris Hayes was fantastic today. He discusses how Paul Ryan’s biography betrays his philosophy. He also notes the hypocrisy of Ayn Rand and other conservative icons, but puts it in context. “It’s not hypocrisy that bothers me so much as the ridiculous self-serving selective vision of those who have benefited from personal privilege, social connection, family name, and yes, the welfare state, constantly hectoring others to sink or swim on their own and taking determined effective steps to destroy policies that give other folks some of the same cushion they had. That’s a problem much bigger than Paul Ryan.” Watch:

Later in the show, Michael Hastings gets in an argument about Julian Assange with pretend reasonable but really fucktard conservative Josh Barro. Barro makes the argument that the government should be able to keep secrets because of its diplomatic needs. But Hastings destroys the argument by pointing out that it isn’t the press’s job to support the government’s diplomatic missions. What Barro is saying crosses the line from conservative to fascist. I’m not sure if he realizes it. Watch it, it’s great:

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