Fox News Blond Z-294

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I’m not the only person who is bothered by the conservative blond automatons. Last night, Stephen Colbert discussed the coverage of the lack of patriotism at the Olympics in a segment hosted by, “Fox News Blond Z-294, Alisyn Camerota”:

The Colbert Report was very funny last night. The second segment was even better than this first one. The same could not be said of The Daily Show.

Jon Stewart continues to burnish his reasonable centerness whenever he has the slightest opportunity. He continues to go after Harry Reid. And then last night, he went after the unfortunate, stupid, and rude Adam Smith, the CFO of Vante Inc. Smith took video of his harassing of a Chick-fil-A drive-thru clerk and posted it on YouTube. He was being a dick in a way I particularly hate. However, was it really necessary to publicly shame the man after he lost his job over the incident?

I guess the answer is yes. When it comes to Jon Stewart’s commitment to the not very reasonable center, all attacks are okay. And that makes him what? A dick.

Thank God for Stephen Colbert.

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