Komodo Dragon

I got into bed this evening and put on Lizard Kings: On the Trail of the Monitor Lizard, a NATO program about this very intelligent genus of lizards that includes the Komodo dragon. This reminded me of an old Bob and Ray routine that is one of the funniest things ever. So I got out of bed and listened to it. But I couldn’t go to bed without sharing it with all of you.

Good night!

Update (19 August 2012 4:20 pm)

I just noticed that this album was directed by Joseph Hardy who directed the original Off Broadway production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and Broadway production of Play it Again, Sam.

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0 thoughts on “Komodo Dragon

  1. I think you need a visual on this for greatest effect. I’m sure it makes it more funny. Though I know Komodo Dragons are pretty funny-looking.

  2. @Morwalk – It may just be me. Will doesn’t think it is that funny either. There wouldn’t be that much to look at. There are a lot of ways to interpret the routine. Andrea seems to think that a big part of the joke is that the expert doesn’t know much about his subject and that is why he keeps repeating the same thing rather than just moving forward. I think this is wrong. The gag is that the interviewer is not listening. The expert is being very patient repeating the same thing that the interviewer clearly missed.

    It is interesting that the pay off line doesn’t get that much of a laugh. "Doctor, I believe we’ve just about exhausted the subject." Well, no we haven’t, as seen by your last question, "I believe they are of the lizard family?"

    I think that the humor may be a bit to dry for modern tastes. What’s more, they are making fun of the media of their time. It is mostly just silly, and you know: I love silly.

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