Internet Suffering

My friend Ananda sent me a collection of photos from India. Many of them involve grammar errors, but could easily be from the United States or Kingdom. One admonishes people in Ludhiana, “Please don’t encourage baggers.” Another is a clever drunk driving sign, “After whisky driving risky.” I’ll take a perfect rhyme over perfect spelling any day.

India is rightly applauded for its democracy. (Largely because unlike the United States, they actually have one.) Their commitment to democracy and egalitarianism is found on a regal sign that reads, “Members and Non-Members Only.” Damn right! Any non-non-members will not be allowed! (Unless they also members.)

What most struck me was this sign above a Cyber Cafe:

Internet Suffering

Everyone I know suffers on the internet every day, but only the Indians are honest about it!

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