You Do That Voodoo…

Marlene DietrichRather than something normal like “See you later,” I am prone to quoting Cole Porter at the end of conversations. And not just any Cole Porter.

“You do that voodoo that you do so well.”

In my head, it is always said with a German accent, because I mostly know it because of the version by you know who:

Recently, I’ve have begun to get a little push back on quoting this line so much. Apparently, my friends do not have as good taste as I had thought. (That’s not true; I’ve always known my friends have poor taste!)

The strange thing is that my friends have a problem with the song itself. They don’t even know about the evil parodies of the song. Like “Dog Shit” from Tuscaloosa Calling Me But I’m Not Going, “You do the do-do that you do so well.”

I use the line as a kind of encouraging goodbye. “Go out there and work your magic.” But if I used that line, I wouldn’t get the thrill of having Marlene Dietrich singing in my head. And frankly, that does something to me.

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