Arms of a Death Angel

EuthanasiaI would like to create a poster. It would be a picture of a dead cat or dog in a clinic. And it would have the caption, “The ASPCA saved me… Right before they killed me.”

That’s what the ASPCA does. And this is why I so hate those heart wrenching ASPCA commercials. If animals under the care of the ASPCA are truly “in the arms of an angel,” it is the death angel.

Do not give money to the ASPCA. There is a “no kill” revolution going on. If you care, fund it.

And finally, here is a picture of a 3 week old kitten:

<%image(20120803-kitten-3weeks.jpg|248|204|3 Week Old Kitten)%>

Update (4 August 2012 12:19)

How can I have forgotten to include this video, which is beautiful and effective. Not only is the ASPCA abusing helpless animals—they are abusing helpless rock stars!

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