More Evil Blondness!

I’ve written about this before. I overheard another evil blonde conservative woman and I had to post this: Susan Del Percio.

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0 thoughts on “More Evil Blondness!

  1. Ha! Love this video, it perfectly demonstrates, what I like to call: the "Republican Indignation Routine". I swear, there isn’t a liberal around who can act more indignant than Republicans. It’s one of their best ‘features’ presently-and apparently, nearly, ALL they have left?

  2. @karl – I think you are right. I have all kinds of problems with liberals, but mainstream conservatives are fake. (The wackos seem to believe what they say, which is of great concern given that they have guns.) Even when Democrats are spewing talking points, I get the impression that they believe them. Such can not be said of Republicans.

  3. @frank: Absolutely! Yeah, I’ve got my own issues with ‘liberals’ myself, and Democrats in general. But the kind of inauthentic indignation I consistently see Republicans displaying (AND like you said-viewing the MSM and hearing people I know believing what they’re saying-while, to me anyway, they’re so patently ingenuous; is cringe inducing) it’s almost like some new kind of theatrics. I literally groaned when I heard what this woman said, because it’s something I’ve heard so many times (over and over and over again) before from ‘the right’ and continues to persist. Maybe it’s a good sign, is this all they have? I don’t know, but it always leaves me feeling exacerbated.

  4. @frank: Hmm, I was afraid you were gonna say that? Unfortunately, I think you’re right? Which is pretty sad, all they have is ingenuous ‘righteous indignation’ and it may actually be enough in this day and age? And they aren’t even fighting that hard either. :( indeed!

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