“They” Have Been at It Again

My schedule is kind of chaotic, so I’m posting in clumps. This one just caught my eye. It is a catch from Media Matters in an article, Fox’s Carlson: Obama Is ‘Apologizing To Foreign Nations All The Time,’ But Won’t Apologize To Romney. It is less than one minute:

What I find interesting about this is the exact phrase Carlson uses, “They accuse the President of apologizing to foreign nations all the time.” This is a standard mainstream media “he said”/”she said” tactic, but used in the most evil way. Who is it that accuses the President of apologizing to foreign nations (all the time)? They! I happen to know who “they” are: they are Republican operatives and other right wing nutjobs.

So if you ever needed any more evidence that this practice in the mainstream press is evil, now you see how the media arm of the Republican Party (i.e. Fox News) uses it. It is not acceptable except when the issue at hand truly is just a matter of opinion. Some say football is the best game ever invented; others say it sucks. (Others are right.)

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