Stupid Petulant Schoolgirl

Elisabeth HasselbeckDid you know that on average, blondes are more intelligent than brunettes? And yet, we think of blondes as being stupid. I don’t know how this started, but I know a big factor in perpetuating this myth: blonde conservative female pundits.

Now, I’m not thinking about people like Gretchen Carlson. I don’t know why, but she’s just the wrong type. I’m talking more people like Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter. But again, that’s not quite right because they are smart, just horribly, horribly (Is two enough?) evil. Really the best example is Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who not only plays the conservative on The View but also the stupid, petulant schoolgirl.

The clip below is not new, even to me. But I just came upon it again and I was blown away. It is an appearance of Bill Maher on The View last November. Almost the entire segment is taken up with Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s insolent questions to and statements toward Maher. It is amusing to watch the other hosts of the show’s embarrassed attempts to get Hasselbeck to stop her clearly unacceptable behavior. Just to be clear: it isn’t her attacks on Maher, it is the childish way that she does it and continues to do it long after the subject has been changed.

I’ve found a lot of people avoid watching the videos that I embed. I understand that it is hard to compete with my brilliant insights, but I only embed things that I think are really worth watching. In most cases I try to only embed short things; one video I posted and embedded was only 7 seconds long! But this one is kind of long: 9:04. Still, it is worth it:

And people say Bill Maher is a dick!

Anyway, if I were a woman or blonde, I would be embarrassed by Hasselbeck. Of course, I’m constantly embarrassed by my own sex. I guess we all just get used to it.

Update (9:54 pm)

YouTube is very addictive. I’ve watched a lot of great stuff, but this one I had to share. The poster titled it “Phil Donahue kicks NAZI Bill O’Reilly’s ass on the Factor” and that does nicely sum it up. What is most interesting about it is that this isn’t like when Jon Stewart is on Billo’s show. It is like a fist fight, but O’Reilly is in a much lighter class than Donahue. By the end it is clear that Billo is scared. And what I most like is at the end, Donahue doesn’t offer some glib, “It was good being on your show.” Donahue clearly hates O’Reilly.

But if you wonder who watches The Factor, copy the following link into your browser:

You might as well be reading Martian; I don’t have a clue what makes these people tick.

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