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Julianna ForlanoJulianna Forlano, a stand-up comedian out of Brooklyn, has created a regular (every 2-4 weeks) YouTube show called Absurdity Today or “Ironic News Report.” She’s been doing it for a bit over a year with good results. Her shtick is low key sarcasm—a refreshing change of pace from the fiercely perky demeanor of many of today’s vlog stars.

Despite solid production values, the show has not managed to get of the 5,000 view ghetto that I call, “Things Frank thinks are worth watching that aren’t baby otters.” But unlike Paul Day’s brilliant Billy Bob Neck videos, Absurdity Today would seem to have more potential to go big. She was embedded recently Crooks and Liars, which is huge. We look forward to her success.

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2 thoughts on “Absurdity Today

  1. Well done! She says what I’ve always said about Boehner’s name. How can Boehn possibly be pronounced like bane?

  2. @Morwalk – Well, I commented on the video about this. Absurdity Girl is a fine young lady, responding to all her comments very graciously–not at all like you would expect for a comedian. Anyway, I wrote about this here:


    The correct pronunciation of Boehner is "Beener" and Weiner is "Viner." But yes, if you are going to anglicize it, it would be "Boner."

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