Killing Device 13417670

Killing Device 13417670This is the serial number of a piece of debris from a drone strike in Pakistan that allegedly (but almost certainly) killed civilians. Your tax dollars at work. This was reported tonight on The Rachel Maddow Show. In general, I’m not fond of Maddow’s coverage of war because it is too America-centered and far too pro-military. It seems all the time that the reason not to be at war is the thousands of US military deaths rather than the hundreds of thousands of civilians we murder. But this story is worth watching:

Now that’s what I call winning hearts and minds!

I can only hope there is no God, because we will never be forgiven.

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  1. I have a hard time voting because of things like this. I feel that if an administration that I vote for takes actions like these, that it’s blood on my hands as well as theirs. I feel the same way about taxes. I have no problem with my tax money going to funding education, fixing roads, affordable housing, medical aid to those who need it, et cetera, but it makes me feel like I played a part in killing innocent people when my tax money goes to paying for weapons and devices that are used to kill people, especially civilians.

    And I completely agree with you regarding Rachel Maddow’s coverage of war. She is too pro-military, and it makes me angry that a supposedly liberal host would take such a stance. I remember listening to her on Howard Stern say that she is not anti-war. How the hell can you not be anti-war? What good can possibly come out of war? I think it is a narrow view to hold that war is at times a necessary endeavor. War is a racket. War is never necessary; it’s a human failure.

    That all being said, I do like some of what Rachel Maddow has to say on her show. And I must say that she is far from being the only one guilty of being too pro-military and America-centered in her coverage of war. I expect it out of conservative news outlets, but even many "liberal" or supposedly independent news outlets do this as well.

    "It seems all the time that the reason not to be at war is the thousands of US military deaths rather than the hundreds of thousands of civilians we murder."

    A very poignant statement. I cannot understand why the many thousands of civilian deaths are never depicted as the major tragedy of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Any unnecessary death is a tragic thing, but how can you make such a big deal of men and women who sign up to go to war, knowing that death or injury is more than possible, but reduce the many innocent men, women, and children who died to mere footnotes – that is, if you even mention them at all.

  2. @Mack – Well put. I would just add two things. First, since we can’t pick and choose how our taxes are spent, we are all culpable. It is especially so given that our lifestyles are *perhaps* better because of the way the government uses our military. (I would argue that the military is only used to enrich those who are already rich.)

    Second, I think the militarization of the Democratic Party has gone along with its lost way. Since they will not argue that they have a vision that is counter to the Republicans, they are left with all these turf battles: we’re not as extreme on war; we’re not as extreme on guns; we’re not as extreme on redistributing income upwards. If the DP presented an idealized world (as the RP, for all its awfulness, does): one where people value diversity as something that binds the culture together; one where profit is among many of the values we cherish; one where individuals are nurtured as part of the the community, not in opposition to it. But instead, we get Republican Lite.

    It is hard, because as bad as Obama is, Romney will be a catastrophe.

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