The Devil Wears Robes

scaliaScott Lemieux has an excellent article over at The American Prospect about yesterday’s ruling on Arizona’s SB 1070—the “Show me your Papers!” law. He spends most of the article talking about Scalia’s angry dissent. I don’t pay enough attention to the Supreme Court, but even I’ve noticed that Scalia has abandoned reason. Corey Robin has a whole chapter is The Reactionary Mind about how dangerous conservatism is in Scalia’s brilliant mind.

Lemieux explains that, shockingly, Scalia argues that Arizona is a sovereign with more or less equal rights to the Federal government. It is arguments like this that make the Court’s decision on the ACA so dangerous. Scalia has given up any pretense of even following his ridiculous “originalist” doctrine. As we saw in the hearing on the ACA, he brought up the conservative talk radio canard that if the government can force you to carry health insurance, it can force you to eat broccoli. Well, Scalia is still at it:

Amusingly, Scalia has just released a co-authored book criticizing many of his colleagues for not adhering to what he considers the only acceptable consideration that can go into legal reasoning—the text of the relevant document as it was construed at the time of its ratification. I had no idea that the original meaning of the Constitution and federal statutes could be best discerned by listening to The Michael Savage Show.

I often despair about the people I meet on the street. The fact that people like Scalia are in power (And of course people with his kind of personality are in power!) means we are lost—at least for the foreseeable future.

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