Moonrise Kingdom Might Be Good

Wes Anderson has a film coming out called Moonrise Kingdom. This is not exactly big news:

What I find interesting is that this film looks good. I think that Anderson has a lot of talent, but the only film of his I’ve liked was The Royal Tenenbaums. I think there is something about his worldview that I just can’t relate to in any fundamental way. There is a kind of hatred for his characters that screams out. Somehow, in The Royal Tenenbaums it works, because all of the characters were so sad and disaffected. Still, Tenenbaums ought to be a great film, and it is not. I suspect that Anderson doesn’t have greatness in him. (This is not a slight; I wish I had his talent.)

Moonrise Kingdom could be another film worth spending some time with. Even at his worst, Anderson still produces films that are a good deal better than almost every other thing that comes to the multiplex.

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