A Tale of Two Stories

This morning, Will sent me two stories from the Press Democrat that are revealing. Sunday, we have A flurry of flipping. It tells a glowing story of Blue Mountain Realty:

In an unprecedented effort to buy and flip distressed properties in Sonoma County, a Vacaville company has purchased more than $15 million worth of foreclosed homes across the county in the past six months.

And then on Monday, we have Funding for affordable housing dries up:

Even as Sonoma County faces tremendous demand for government-subsidized apartments, affordable housing proponents say[1] the money to pay for new projects is drying up.

Housing groups expect to lose $1 billion a year in redevelopment funds as a result of recent cutbacks. Other state and federal funds have been reduced or eliminated.

You would think that the loss of $1 billion dollars in yearly funding would be a bigger story than some vulture capitalist spending $15 million total to flip properties. And maybe it is. But the house flipping story was twice as long as the affordable housing story. But you know how it is: poor people are so depressing. And rich people are fun.

The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. And anyone who notes this fact is engaged in class warfare.

[1] Note how the amount of money Blue Mountain Realty has spent is just a fact. You can trust a company! But money for affordable housing may or may not be drying up. Proponents say it is. But you can’t trust these do-gooders. What’s more, they don’t deserve the time it takes to research the claim.

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