Two Quick Thoughts on Karate Kid

Karate KidQuick Thought One

John Avildsen is a great director. I’m glad that Karate Kid was a success, but it kind of sucks when you consider that Avildsen directed Joe and Rocky. The great thing about him is that he has a vision. He fails more than he succeeds, but he always[1] succeeds his own way. And that’s what makes him great.

Quick Thought Two

I just saw a bit of Karate Kid (2010). It seemed good enough. But what struck me was that it is set in China. This allowed the film to completely skip the most important thematic element of the film: the military mindset in America. It looked like the remake degenerated into “the old ways are better than the new.” And that just isn’t that interesting. It sure isn’t what Americans need telling. More than ever we need the original.[2]

[1] Okay: not always. I’ve seen Rocky V too.

[2] I would complain about the horrible performance of Jaden Smith, but Ralph Macchio wasn’t much better.

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