Who Gets to be a Hypocrite Around Here?

John Scalzi at his Whatever Blog has a great flowchart explaining who gets to be a dick on his website:

John Scalzi

I would create something similar, but that isn’t the way it works around here. In general, anyone can be as big a dick as they want. I just don’t have enough people commenting to complain. In fact, I love it when someone yells at me.

As I was preparing to post this, Rafael yelled at me about being mean to Moe Tucker and more generally The Velvet Underground. This is strange, because I love the band. Some people are such big fans that they can brook not even the smallest insults. Thus, I believe it is with Rafael. Here’s a taste, but check out the whole thing along with my response:

This article seemed like some kind of ill fated attempt to get people to stop fretting over her political views, but instead of just pointing out “she can believe what she wants, she’s not obligated to be liberal because of her counterculture past, ect.” you basically excused [expressed? attacked?] her political views as “Crazy” in a very condescending manner, and pointed out that she’s “losing her mind because she’s old”. does telling people to leave her alone about her politics; then spending half the post ranting about how she only believes this because she’s old and debating whatever she says make much sense to you? I am not a tea party supporter, and I in fact disagree heavily with them, but I cant dismiss things she genuinely believes in as “old people nonsense”. nice post, hypocrite.

Who gets to be a hypocrite on this website? I do! I alone! Ha ha ha ha!


John Scalzi’s comment policy is very funny. Check it out.

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