Birthday Rankings!

I’m going to be out most of tomorrow, so I may not post anything (not that I’ve been all that consistent recently). But that’s not why I’m posting this. It just struck me as too cool:

Taken from Daily Mail.

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0 thoughts on “Birthday Rankings!

  1. This is *such* an interesting article, I always thought my birthday was a common one because, whenever my birth date rolled around, I’d always see/notice a *ton* of other people celebrating their birthday too.

    Turns out, there’s some basis in fact to my ‘anecdotal’ observations.

    Very interesting. . .thanks again, Frank!

  2. I wonder how it looked 50 years ago when there weren’t as many cesarean sections. Still, it must be that people just have more sex when it’s cold and dark.

  3. That’s a good question, I wonder if there’s a way to find out what this looked like 50 years ago?

    Ha, ya know, whenever I brought up the idea that people seemed to be born around the same date as my birth, that’s usually what they’d say: "people like having sex when it’s cold and dark". . .makes sense to me.

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