Shameful Fun

Edgar Allan PoeHave we seen this before? The Raven is coming out next month. It stars John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe. Sometime on or about 1835, there is a serial killer who is getting inspiration from the stories of Poe. The police turn to him for help. But when the murderer kidnaps Poe’s fiance, well, it’s personal. Edgar Allan Poe: kicking ass and taking no prisoners. He’s no girly man, just watch:

Several problems occur to me. First, all the Poe stories that we know and love (and the once referenced in the trailer) were written the last few years of his life—long after he was married in 1835. And he married his 13 year old cousin—facts I’m sure the movie will gloss over. For a long time, I’ve thought that Cusack looks older than his 45 years, so I also have a problem with him playing a 26 year old Poe. I will admit that he looks sort of like Poe, so that’s a good thing. And where does the raven come into all this?

What is most troubling is seeing an author I identify with in too many uncomfortable ways turned into an action hero.

Of course, I’ll be first in line on opening day. It’s fucking Edgar Allan Poe!

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