Satire is Dead

Satire is DeadI’ve shut off comments here for a number of reasons, the most important being that there just isn’t a critical mass of readers. The only articles here that generate a lot of comments are those on Kory Stamper, which probably speaks to the fact that the writing here is too eclectic. But while I did accept comments, I accepted them all and deleted the spam.

Brad DeLong posted an article by Owen Thomas about limiting commenting to “experts.” I find the idea offensive in a number of ways, but mostly I just wonder if such people realize that their readership would fall through the floor if they did so.

A commenter, Cawley, wrote:

Speaking as someone who is neither an expert or particularly well informed or well reasoned, it strikes me that your comment threads seem to be populated by the expert and the merely well informed and well reasoned to a remarkable degree. And, although I’ve had a couple (admittedly snarky and potentially ad hominem) comments moderated out, you seem to accomplish this with a fairly liberal moderation policy. (After all, I get through it regularly.)

I could not help myself. I replied to the comment:

That should be “nor,” you dolt! Stop embarrassing yourself.

:) <== Satire is dead.

And what did DeLong do? He proved my point by refusing my comment. What a dolt! He should stop embarrassing himself.


Comments are back on, but I am moderating them.

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