Late Night Interlude: Who Does This Remind You Of?

Laura CantrellThis is Laura Cantrell. She’s great. But the question is: who does she remind you of? It’s taken me a while to realize that her voice is identical to Suzanne Vega. Of course, she’s a country singer, but the kind we liberals like—people who remind us of Nanci Griffith.

Here first album, Not the Tremblin’ Kind, is uneven; but its highs are great. In particular, the song The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter is a treasure. She gets less country on the next two albums that are probably her best: When the Roses Bloom Again (the title song is in the video below) and Humming by the Flowered Vine. Trains and Boats and Planes is an album of covers and as such is really good. Her most recent, Kitty Wells Dresses: Songs of the Queen of Country Music is a return to her roots, but it doesn’t work very well for me.


I’m working on a few articles, but I’m too tired to actually write them. Anyway, I’m trying to pace myself.

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