Girl Fight!

Girl FightA friend told me that she was going to punish her girls for fighting by having them write a song about sisterhood. Yes, she is a cruel woman. This caused me to do a Google video search on the phrase “sisterhood song.” It turned up this. (Don’t click on it!) I wasn’t ten seconds into it before I had to stop it. It was that bad.

I was just trying to help and just look what happens. I offered up some potential lyrics the girls might use. I thought she might be looking for something along these lines: “See my sister / See her shot! / See you sit / And stink and rot!” Surprisingly (or not) she indicated that this was exactly what she was looking for.

Marvin Gaye

In order to detox from listening to ten seconds of “Sisterhood Song,” I turned to a master.

The video below is an amazing live version of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On from the DVD Marvin Gaye: The Real Thing – In Performance 1964-1981. As I was watching it, I noted that the video had been voted, “26,970 likes, 304 dislikes.” I thought, “What the hell?! How could 304 people dislike this?” I’m sure that the people who clicked “dislike” were not really discerning listeners. Instead, I suspect they were people who like a different kind of music. What’s more, I’m sure they are people who only like one different kind of music.

I was encouraged to note that the top rated comment by W1nky13 was, “302 dislikes, WTF, There sure are some losers out there, this is the best fuckin video on youtube.”

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3 thoughts on “Girl Fight!

    • Two reasons, I think. The first is it’s a scam industry. So naturally most musicians in it will be pure hacks out for cash. Like Christian literature. C.S. Lewis was seriously wrestling with faith; Tim LaHaye is riding faith to the bank in a gold-plated BMW.

      The second is the insanely boring nature of modern American white evangelicalism. Christian music actually has a long heritage of not sucking; check out Christmas carols or soul/gospel music for examples. But those came from artists to whom faith was a source of wonder. For the vast majority of evangelicals, faith is basically a bumper sticker. “I’m a Vikings fan, grr, I hate those Packers fans.” It’s more or less at that level.

      So if you’re a sincere artist working in Christian Rock (and I’m sure there are many), how do you get inspired to make transcendent music from a bumper sticker?

      “Jesus is my best friend. My failings are washed away. Heaven will never end. Unsaved will have to pay.” Boom, there you go, every modern Christian Rock song. Not a lot of material to work with. Imagine writing an album’s worth of songs about how furry cats are. It can be done, and people have done it, but that ain’t exactly the kind of thing that inspires a Sistine Chapel.

      God as mystery, power controlling everything whose reasoning is impenetrable to us? Wow, that’s a subject lots of creative people can jump all over. God as bumper sticker / magic imaginary friend? That shatters the previously accepted concept of Dull. Yeah, the best being in the universe loves you more than anyone, and you don’t have to feel bad about anything you’ve ever done, and if you or I have problems, they’re really part of the Great Plan, and remind me exactly what the hell is the point of me talking to you?

    • I think you mean Christian pop music? And I think James is largely right. But it’s also true that it’s a subgroup. More great art comes out of Brazil than Uruguay. It’s also true that so much Christianity starts with what you can’t do. You just aren’t going to get pop songs about people struggling with their faith that are going to play on Christian radio. But interestingly, regular radio will. There have been tons of pop songs on that subject. (No, not “Losing My Religion.”) And really good Christian bands break out and stop being Christian bands (or never accept the label, like The Call).

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