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David FrumLiberals like David Frum—they think of him as the Reasonable Conservative. But like any conservative, that doesn’t mean much. Yesterday, he wrote an excellent review of racist pseudo-scientist and conservative apologist Charles Murray’s (“Blacks are poor because they’re dumb!”) Coming Apart. (Sorry: I just can’t bring myself to provide a link to this fucktard’s book.) Frum savages the book and the author.

But as I said: Frum isn’t that reasonable. Murray writes in his new book that it isn’t unreasonable to hold ideological positions on issues that are resistant to data or facts. He provides such a list of positions. Frum counters:

As a matter of fact, if you announce that there can exist no possible information that might change your mind about abortion, the death penalty, marijuana, same-sex marriage, and the inheritance tax, then yes you are an unreasonable person—or anyway, an unreasoning one. I’ve changed my mind about same-sex marriage as experience has dispelled my fears of the harms from same-sex marriage. If somebody could prove to me that marijuana was harmless or that legalization would not lead to an increase in marijuana use, I’d change my mind about marijuana legalization. And so on through the list.

In a general sense, you have to applaud Frum: thanks for being reasonably open-minded. However, it is clear that Frum needs an overwhelming amount of evidence if it is going to cut through his ideology. It has been decades since social scientists have known that same-sex marriage is not harmful to society. And if Frum still thinks that cannabis is some kind of dangerous drug, he has a Teflon coating regarding facts. (Note how cannabis must be “harmless”—a claim that cannot be made of any human activity including water drinking.)

Beware the Reasonable Conservative because if you look close, you will find him neither reasonable nor conservative.

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