Why Google AdSense Sucks

Google AdSense SucksI had Google AdSense for four months, through most of December. In all that time, I made almost no money from it. That was fine, I understand that Frankly Curious only gets about 150 unique visitors per day and not all of these are actual people. I wasn’t expecting to make any real money, but I wanted to have the system set up. What a mistake.

Halfway through December, I (like many others) received an email from Google telling me that I had been kicked out of the program because of “invalid clicks.” I appealed. And even though it took upwards of two weeks to get into the program, they denied my appeal within one day. What’s more, Google will not explain what was wrong with my site—even in the vaguest of terms. Given that we are talking about only a couple of dollars after months, I do not get it to this day.

So I put up ads for Amazon. This is a temporary measure. With Amazon Associates, people who click on the links must actually buy something. And then, I get 4% of the price of the item (not counting Amazon’s horrible shipping charges). Like I said: a temporary measure.

In the first twenty days of January (After Christmas, right?), I have made twice from Amazon Associates what I made in four months from AdSense. So I assume that Google kicking me out of the program was a crock. I wouldn’t take Google AdSense back now if they begged (which they won’t).

But I still like Google. No other search engine has this site so well indexed, even though according to Alexa, only 8% of the traffic here comes from search engines. (I have readers? Shocking.)

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