The Evil Philosophy of William Lane Craig

Andrea’s been writing a bit about religion recently. Just yesterday, she wrote Speaking of Jesus… about the vile practice of Christians trolling for converts at hospitals. And before that, she created a hilarious cartoon (for want of a better term) Jesus is getting pissed. Even before that, however, I had been doing a lot of atheist research and reading what people such as Robert M. Price and Richard Carrier have written on the subject. Today, Sam Harris is probably the most famous of these public atheists. Frankly, I don’t think he is quite of the intellectual caliber of Price or Carrier (which is not to say he isn’t brilliant). But I don’t think anyone comes close to him in laying out the atheist case and arguing against religious dogma—especially Christianity. He is an American treasure as I think you will see from the following video clip (of very poor quality, but it’s the content that counts).

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