Racist Spam? Political Satire? Or Party Time in Newquay?

Andrea’s recent post, which was just a reprint of a Dilbert Cartoon, got a bizarre comment that had a link for Stag Weekends in Newquay (a seaside community on the southwest tip of the United Kingdom).

This again comes down to racial identity. McCain can be trusted; Obama cannot. The white man can be trusted, even when his words and deeds show otherwise; the black man is clearly a Manchurian Candidate waiting to ambush this country and its poor plumbers.

Racist spam? No. Political satire. It was inappropriate for the post, so I deleted it, but not before Andrea was responding to it.

What are you talking about?! There’s nothing “racial” or even vaguely political about this comic — it’s a simple (and silly) comment about human nature. Get a grip.

It must be hard to focus on reading when you are surrounded by all the stag pleasures of Newquay.

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