My Fan at Michael’s Furniture Warehouse?

Michael's Furniture WarehouseSince starting with Goodle AdSense (Although I don’t know why I try: nobody calls, nobody clicks…) I’ve been very aware of my website traffic. And here’s the thing: when I write a lot, I get a lot of visitors (well, between 100 and 200 per day). When I don’t, the number of visitors goes way down (to less than 100). That’s just what I need: more anxiety in my life! Now, in addition to everything else, I have to worry that if I’m not writing for Frankly Curious, all my readers will go away.

Truly, I didn’t know that there were people who actually read me on something like a regular basis. I just thought all my readers were college students looking for ways not to writer—or to steal—their term papers. The first idea I had that this was not true was the mysterious Kayla. Although I had no idea who she was, she was writing thoughtful comments regarding my articles. For example, she commented on my article There, There, There:

Hahaha as an English major, that shirt in the picture made me chuckle. I am not a huge stickler on spelling, but I do cringe a little bit when people confuse their/there/they’re or your/you’re, or even two/to/too. I am not a grammar pedant or anything like that and I don’t correct people as they speak or write, but I definitely notice!

There was one thing that made me wonder, however. She listed her user name as Cheap Furniture Burbank with a URL that pointed to Michael’s Furniture Warehouse—which is actually in Panorama City or Van Nuys, depending upon who you believe.

I have absolutely no problem with people using my website to advertise as long as they add to the content here. And Kayla certainly does that. Most people do not. Check out my article Zombies (and Kory Stamper Fans) are Attacking! for a full rundown of my ongoing war against such people and monsters. Anyway, I went over to the Michael’s Furniture Warehouse website and I found no indications of a Kayla. Is she an employee? A relative? Or just a booster for all the furniture stores in and around Burbank? (Are Panorama City and Van Nuys in and around Burbank? My geography is very bad. It is my Achilles’ heel while playing Jeopardy. I just looked. They aren’t that close.)

Recently, Kayla has stopped posting. This doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I know I have to keep writing or people will stop visiting and stop not even clicking on the Google ads. Hence: this article.

Tune in Tomorrow for what I had for breakfast!

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  1. I’m moving to an apartment in less than a week (next Monday), and I was gonna buy the furniture this Thursday. How long does it normally take for AFW to deliver furniture? I don’t want it to be delivered too early, but at the same time I don’t want to spend days in my apartment without furniture.

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