CREDO Mobile: Fighting for the Liberal Buck

Credo Mobile AdAccording to UPI, “Protesters gathered outside President Obama’s fundraising lunch in San Francisco Tuesday, speaking out on a variety of issues.” Many of the protesters were organized by a cell phone company: CREDO Mobile. People talk a lot about companies being good corporate citizens[1], but I don’t see much of it. CREDO comes as close to this ideal as I’ve seen.

Earlier today, I was reading The Progressive and on the inside cover was the image you see above (click on it to see a high-resolution version). It looks like a social cause ad. It says, “Does your phone company want a Tea Party president?” Then it states that AT&T gave Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign $386,000 and Verizon Wireless gave another $35,500. That got my attention and made me glad that I don’t use either of these companies. But then I noticed: this was not a social cause ad; it was an ad for a competitor: CREDO Mobile.

The truth is that we can’t wait around for companies to behave as we would like. It is necessary for companies like CREDO to use their own good behavior and their competitors’ bad behavior to get business. You don’t have to go without a cell phone. You have an option. And as it turns out, a rather good option. According to Wikipedia, they (formerly known as Working Assets Wireless) have, “raised over $65 million for nonprofit organizations such as GreenPeace, Planned Parenthood, Democracy Now etc.”

If you have AT&T or Verizon or you are just looking for a cell phone company, consider CREDO Mobile.

[1] I don’t like the phrase “good corporate citizen” because it implies corporations are not only people but citizens. They are not. Perhaps at a later date, I will write more about this. I have much to say.

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