What is a Truel Heart?

Elvis Presley - The Top Ten HitsEarlier today, I was listening to Elvis Presley’s The Top Ten Hits. This collection included his number one hit, “Don’t Be Cruel,” of course. I have never been able to sing the refrain of this song anyway but, “Don’t be cruel to a heart that truel.” This is not just a matter of my usual silliness. The fact is that true doesn’t really rhyme with cruel. They are assonantal, but in an extremely awkward way that sends shivers down my spine. So my choices are to pronounce “cruel” as “crew,” which makes the whole line dull, or to create a new word: truel. So it will always be: don’t be cruel to a heart that’s truel.

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  1. You know I’d never thought about it in this way, it’s TOO-el funny….

    Too much? :)


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