Rachel Maddow is Making Sense

I have not been watching Rachel Maddow much these last few months, because I haven’t found her that interesting. However, she was in good form this Friday, especially when she presented a new take on the Republican Party’s presidential nomination process. According to her, it is not about all these marginal candidates thinking they can actually win. Instead, it is about people like Michele Bachmann trying to leverage their popularity into riches in the form of Faux News shows, Conservative Book Club best-sellers, and high-priced lecture tours.

Certainly, this is not the case with Tim Pawlenty, whose exit from the campaign is an indictment of a process that is about nothing but money, and shows why the process (on the right away) can’t nominate any but the most reactionary candidates. Nor is it the case with Mitt Romney or Rick Perry, who have the cash (their own or rich backers’) and extreme policies (always or molded for the occasion). But for Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and even Sarah Palin (whether she runs or not), it is clear that Maddow is right: the presidential nomination process is about becoming or continuing to be a conservative celebrity.


What is with Chris Hayes’ eyes? Can it be that he has gotten them fixed so he doesn’t have to wear glasses on his new show? If so, this is a sad day. I like his glasses. They add greatly to his nerdy credibility. Say it ain’t so, Chris!

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