One for the That’s Just Wrong files…

No ReligionBreast Milk Baby — a doll for children with breast-feeding-zealot mothers or, possibly, adults with fetishes that really shouldn’t be indulged.

This isn’t the first baby doll to cause offense. Back in the 1970s the Archie Bunker’s Grandson Joey doll protruded his way outside of the box, being a cute little bundle of vinyl with an itty-bitty penis. Many people at the time were horrified and disgusted. I suspect the doll was purchased more for its novelty than the intention of letting little girls actually play with it. It seemed freakish somehow (in the junk-free world of dolls) to have a gender-specific baby doll. It’s much easier to make them all girls (implied by their clothing, not their privates). Today, compared to Breast Milk Baby, little Joey seems almost appropriate.

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