Politics: Weiner Scandal is Over

Yesterday, I wrote a short article about how his name ought to be pronounced, Anthony Weiner Pronounces Name Wrong. I did not talk about the political aspects of the sexless sex scandal he is now in the middle of. There isn’t much I have to say on the subject, except this: the scandal is over. The continued interest in the case (it is the number one story on Google News, as I write this) is disgusting. Unless reporters can show that Weiner did something other than what he claimed in his press conference, they are only showing their own lewdness. There is no news in publishing the private conversations with these women. Even the information that Weiner’s wife is pregnant is irrelevant to the scandal.

The fact that reporters are allowing the Republicans to get any traction on this issue is itself lewd. The only story here is the unabashed hypocrisy of this cult masquerading as a political party. They are allowed to push this story above the fold on the first page, and thus take attention off their dangerous antics over the debt limit. If this is what we get from the fourth estate, perhaps we are better off without it.

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