Politics: Trump Wimps Out

According to MSNBC, Donald Trump has announced that he will not run for President of the United States. This is no surprise. I don’t know any reasonable person who thought he would. But the question remains: why did he pretend he was going to run? I don’t think it was to improve the ratings of his show; I think it was just a chance to get a whole lot of attention and he is addicted to attention. This comes on the heals of his “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” moment with President Obama. Trump said he would show his 2010 tax return if Obama would so his long-form birth certificate. Well, Obama showed his long-form birth certificate (which pretty much put an end to Trump’s entire platform), but Trump didn’t show his tax return. But we already knew that Trump was a liar, so no big deal.

Many have said that Trump would not run for President because he would have to give up his show. I don’t buy that. Sure, he makes a lot of money from the show, but it isn’t much compared to even the lowest estimates of his net worth. His net worth, however, is the reason he won’t run. A major part of his “brand” is that he is super rich: multi-billion-dollar rich. If he had run for President, he would have had to disclose how much money he makes. Most recently, he has claimed that he is worth $7 billion. But we all know what a liar he is. If it turned out that he was worth less than a billion dollars, it would have destroyed his celebrity and therefore his life.

Thus, we won’t have Don Trump to kick around any more!

PS: I have a huge soft-spot for ol’ Tricky Dick. Such is my love for the man that I have written an entire puppet play about him. I’ll post it if anyone asks (and no one will).

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